Container Fumigation:

Ensure the pest-free integrity of your shipments with our Container Fumigation services. We utilize advanced techniques and industry-approved methods to eliminate pests, protecting your cargo during transit.

Vessel Fumigation:

Our professional Vessel Fumigation services guarantee a pest-free environment for your marine assets. We understand the unique challenges at sea and employ effective methods to secure your vessels from pest infestations.

Warehouse Fumigation:

Safeguard your stored goods with Warehouse Fumigation. Our experts create a pest-free environment within your storage facilities, preserving the quality and integrity of your products.

Pest Control(Residential & Commercial):

Trust us for comprehensive pest control in both residential and commercial spaces. Our tailored solutions address a variety of pests, creating safe and comfortable living and working environments.

Phyto Certificate Service:

Facilitate international trade effortlessly with our Phyto Certificate services. We ensure compliance with phytosanitary regulations, providing essential documentation for your exports.

Craft Paper Solutions:

Enhance the protection of your goods with our durable Craft Paper solutions. Ideal for packaging, our craft paper adds an extra layer of defense during transportation.

Silica Gel Products:

Keep your products moisture-free using our Silica Gel solutions. Our products are designed to prevent moisture damage during transit and storage, ensuring the integrity of your shipments.

Choking Services:

Ensure secure packaging and handling of your goods with our Choking services. We employ advanced techniques to prevent damage and contamination during transportation.

Wooden pallets fumigation:

Optimize your cargo space and ensure safe transportation with our professional Palletizing services. We adhere to industry standards to secure your shipments effectively.

Termite Treatment:

Protect your property from the hidden threat of termites with Safe Pest Management Pvt. Ltd.'s expert Termite Treatment Services. Our experienced technicians conduct thorough inspections, identifying and addressing termite infestations with advanced and environmentally friendly treatment methods.

All Types of Lashing Works:

Trust our expert Lashing services to secure your cargo during transportation. Our skilled team minimizes the risk of damage, ensuring that your goods reach their destination safely.